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Discover your path to success in Germany

Elevate Your Education at SRH International College

Are you ready to embark on a journey that can shape your future? SRH International College invites you to experience the wonders of “Destination Germany,” where every step paves the way for your success.

Three international students visiting the historic Old Bridge in Heidelberg

Destination Germany

Immerse yourself in the heart of Europe’s academic excellence and cultural richness. Study in Germany, a nation known for innovation, history, and breath-taking landscapes. Your educational adventure begins at SRH International College, a gateway to a world of opportunities.

Study in Germany
An International Student on SRH International College Heidelberg Campus

Progression to SRH Campuses

Your journey doesn’t stop here. With SRH International College, your pathway to success extends to a range of SRH Universities Germany campuses including Berlin, Heidelberg, Dresden, Hamburg and North Rhine Westphalia. As you progress, the world of education unfolds before you.

SRH International College
An SRH International College student at his graduation

Degrees for the Future

At SRH International College, our programmes are meticulously designed to empower your future career. We are committed to providing education that goes beyond textbooks. Course content is tailored to align with the ever-evolving job market, ensuring you are prepared for success in the professional world.

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Foundation Programmes

Designed to provide strong academic foundations, our courses prepare you for a seamless transition into higher education. Study with us for one academic year as you prepare for your degree in Engineering and IT, Creative Studies or Business.

Learn more about our Foundation courses

Pre-Masters Programmes

For those looking to refine their skills and meet the rigorous demands of a Master’s degree, our one semester  Pre-Masters programme is the perfect choice. Choose from a variety of courses in Engineering and IT Management, Business, or Computing.

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We Offer

High-quality education and academic standards

Diverse range of degree programmes across disciplines

Multicultural environment alongside cultural immersion

Travel opportunities, benefitting from the central location in Europe

A strong emphasis on work-life balance

Supportive student services

Seize Your Future - Apply Now!

Your path to success begins with the right education. At SRH International College, we’re here to make your dreams a reality. Unleash your potential with our Foundation and Pre-Masters programmes.

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